Thursday, March 17, 2011

she is MY lucky charm

if it was a matter of who was deserving of what and what was deserving of who, then i'd be SOL.  let's just be glad that's not the case and i am lucky enough to have myself a one of a kind, none other and none better, than the one and only klight herself. so here we have 28+2 things i love about the one and only.  juuuust cause.  and maybe also because it's her biiiiiirthday and she deserves every last one!

1. have i ever told you how jeal i am of her hair?  the color.  the cut. the asymmetricalness that once was.  and how no matter what she does to it, it always looks amazing on that beautiful little head of hers.  {i'd take it all if i had the chance-- every last one!}
2. she always thinks she has the worst picture faces.  but secretly we know she loves them all.  and don't deny it, cause i know you do.  or maybe it's me that loves them ALL??
3. remember that one time that she thought she wasn't getting any bit of tan, and then she came back to the big ol' ak and discovered she was the tannest person around.  she beat kev, chris and the one and only me right out of the water!  i loved that time.
4. i love how perfect her and kevin are together & how perfectly they love each other-- it is something that everyone should admire. 
5. those eyes!  those eyes!  look at them!!
6. she is the most limber person i have ever met.  well...she would have to be, with all those toe touches and such.
7. hatchers pass is not the same without her.
8. she's my picture bud and no one can beat that!
9. she loves my family, just as much as i love my family, without ever even meeting more than half of my family... and that is worth a world to me.
10.  she also loves chris to pieces and thinks that  because it pretty much is, but it is the best thing in the world to watch her watch him.  it's almost as good as watching jersey shore. for reals. this is also worth a world to me.
11. she likes my music and boy bands.
12. she's good at everything she does.  everything! Everything! EVERYTHING!
13. she's a lady. yeah yeah yeah yeah! she's a lady.
14. girl's got some style.  it's all hers & no one can take it from her.  i like that.
15. she has the coolest dog in town.  in fact, she is the coolest dog in ALL towns. 
16. if she wanted to, she could scooter around the entire world.  and if she could, she probably would {with kevin on her back, of course. {isn't that the best image to envision ever?}}
17. she's one hell of a boob.  and i wouldn't have it any other way. 
18. yoga is not/would never be the same without her.
19. when she loves somebody, she genuinely loves them. and i love that about her. big time.
20. i love that no matter how much i think i know her-- there is still more to learn, and more stories to hear.  and i'm hoping that is the case for the rest of our lives.
21. she's modern vintage. it's the only way to describe her.  isn't it great?
22. this girl knows how to take a photo and that is a known fact.
23. she's down to ride bikes and run the loop any day.  rain or shine, -30 or +30 or 60 or 60+. 
24. all the best ideas and best adventures and group activities start with her.
25. she's the only person in the world i'd want to be carsick with...  she understands the need for cheetos and pop when carsickness is upon us.
26. mountain dew loves her and she loves mountain dew.  excuse me ///diet mountin dew\\\
27. her blob is the best of all blobs around... it's always right on spot with whatever it is i need at that very moment and never fails to leave me with loads and heaps and piles of inspiration.
28.would you believe that she does the very best impersonation of lucy from twin peaks i have ever heard?  and it just so happens that she is one of my favorite characters.  {which wins kerith another gold medal in my book.} 
+1. she does in fact have the dang girl car of the month, every month, for the rest of our lives.
+2. no matter what, no matter where, no matter when, she would be there for me 100%.
bonus #1.  she makes my holidays, holidays when my family is so far away.
bonus #2. my life wouldn't be the same without her.  loovesss you fooo.  thanks for being you and one of the best friends a girl could ask for.  smooooooooch.


  1. That's the sweetest Ash ... good work.

  2. smash! you complete me and you make me blush!

  3. Dang Girl!
    -Katelynn Munson :)


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