Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lovers weekend

these two lovers decided to go on a weekend.  and maybe it was because someone is having a birthday reeeal soon-- but maybe that someone doesn't like to talk about that so we will just let it go.  so just let it go, ok!!

one of these lovers was debuting their new sunglasses and had to show them off while they were so fresh and so clean, clean.

while the two lovers drove down the beautiful highway, they couldn't help but admire how beautiful it was that day.

when they arrived at the cabinhouse they read books, made wedding invitations, read more books, made more wedding invitations and in between all of that, took breaks to enjoy the deck and the kenai's majestic beauty.

and for the birthday that we don't talk about -- one of these lovers made the other lover his faaavorite meal of all times.

birthday lover was so excited and gobbled up every bite.  unfortunately, the two lovers were too full to have birthday dessert but birthday lover was ok with this.

after laboring so long and hard in the kitchen, this lover needed a spa treatment...  so she gave herself a spa treatment.

since this weekend really was all about birthday lover, not only did they have his favorite dinner, but they had one of his favorite breakfasts too!  and to top it off-- chef lover made sure to make plate faces with the food -- because that's the way it's done.

sadly, after doing more reading and more wedding invitations, the lovers weekend was over and they had to head back home.
{the end} 

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