Wednesday, March 30, 2011

happy birthday to my sissies

two off the loveliest munson ladies are celebrating their birthday today!!  let me tell you a little bit about them and why i love them so...

let's start with alivia, aka meemers.  i have called her meemers since the very beginning of her time. i'm not really sure where it came from, but it just works for her.  livi is the youngest of the munson bunch and boy oh boy, that is the truth!  she has the sweetest, biggest heart and loves every single 9 of her big siblings and her 1 niece and 2 nephews.   alivia and our brother kaden are best buds and are aaaalways together.  they get sooo excited for me to come and visit and usually have our mom make a countdown to put on the refrigerator so they know exactly how many days left till i arrive.  when i come to town they always come with my parents to pick me up at the "alaska" {aka the airport}.  we have the best time together...we go on dates to starbucks and sometimes mcdonalds, we go shopping, we run through sprinklers, go to the mooovies, play games, sleep out on the tramp and roast marshmallows in the back yard.  it is the best ever and i never want those times to end.  livi and i almost always share a bed when i come to town and one of the things i love most about her is she is always up to snuggle.  in fact, she is the only one that will snuggle.  katelynn and abby never want to... boo on them.  so alivia is my official snuggle buddy and that is how it will be for life.  one last thing: i am her fav.  it has been publicly announced on several occasions and i just want to put that out there. :-}  i love her oh sooo much and am sooo lucky to have her as my baby sis.  happiest birthday to my meeeemers!! i looooove you. 

this right here friends, is the dang girl of the month.  in fact, she is the one who coined the term "dang girl" {there are a few other variations she uses as well}.   and guess what??  today is her sweeeeeeet 16!  wooowooooo.   those boys better keep their distance or who knows what will come their way.  katelynn aka kaylo-lay-lo aka katelers aka janice aka lover butt munchels butternut boo boo is truly one of the coolest cats around.  she is one sweet lady and will grow up to be a phenomenal mom, wifey and girl {i don't like to think of her being a woman, i want her to stay the way she is forever and ever and never grow up}.   she loooves her siblings, nieces and nephews sooo much.  when i come to town, katelynn is usually my sidekick.  she is up for anything.   we like to wrastle each other, make movies, jump on the trampoline, float down the rivers, go swimming, do each others hair, take pictures, learn crafts, make cakes, have footie pj parties and all sorts of crazy things.  katelers has the best hair of anyone i've ever met...  i always try to steal it but she won't let me have it.  :-{  one last thing, i am also her fav -- yep, yep, i am.   happppy birthday katelynn aka kaylo-lay-lo aka katelers aka janice aka lover butt munchels butternut boo boo!! i love you ooooh sooo much and hope it was the best day of all! 

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