Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my prey

i got new jeans, i got new jeans la la la la la la la la
i love my jeans i love my jeans la la la la la la la la
jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans

hawaii is so close i can taste it.  yum.

Monday, February 21, 2011



anything with peanut butter in the title has my name written allllll over it.   i think these two items below would take me as close to heaven as i will probably ever get.
peanut butter banana bread

peanut butter pecan biscotti
nom. nom. nom. nom. nom. nom. nom. nom.

minutes used wisely

weekend winners

i wish i had triple the amount of minutes on my day off.  so much to do and so little time.

p.s.  is it too early to pack for hawaii????

{correct answer is:  no}

Saturday, February 19, 2011

view from above

daily favs
what a wonderful busy day today was.  and now i am pooped. 
goodnight to you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

goodnight vegas....

well...it's time to go. badabadadum  goodnight vegas, well it's time to go.  badum badum.  i {don't exactly} hate to leave you but i really must say,  ooooh goodnight vegas, goodnight.

one more vegas trip has come and gone and i am more than ready to be home!  the fall stuff we have coming is amaaaaazing --- i can hardly wait!!!!!!! 


to start off our special day, we were chauffeured to the show by donald trump himself {under disguise as mike spagna}.

although we were not able to spend valentines day with our loverbutts, we got to spend it together, which is just about the next best thing.  we did so many romantic things, like look at chie mihara for fall and while doing so, shared a fruit and yogurt parfait.  i think it was just about the most romantic thing i have done on valentines day. 

to end the day, we made sure to have a very romantic meal at the burger bar.  i lovingly gazed at brett while i mowed down on my gigantic veggie burger.   it was a day to remember.

suns and parks and fires and stars

{early v-day kisses from my hanyak before i head away for fam/fun/work}

{an empty row on a red eye flight is warmly welcomed}

it's never too late to celebrate a birthday!   and does it matter if your candles are long matches??  i. don't. think. so.
three hours in a row on the trampoline is the one and only way-- especially when it includes almost every munson, including a certain mama munson, and games such as "tackle mama munson" or last one standing wins.  this game generally ends with bumps and bruises, but all in good fun. 
swings and parks and sunshine and fun is how we do things, when i'm in town.

fires in the backyard paired with smores and stars so bright it doesn't even feel dark out makes for a perfect winter night. 
sweet bro bro sleeps in the best of ways.
 i never tend to feel that the time spent with my family is ever long enough.  i just loooove them lots and lots and feel like a very lucky lady to have them in my life.

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