Saturday, June 30, 2012

she stabbed him with the lefty scissors

 if i had one wish it would be:  i wish i could be as thoroughly creative and talented as wes anderson is.
if i had another: i wish i could be a character in one of his films.

i saw it twice {in theaters}.  once by myself.  i never go to the movies.  i have never gone to a movie by myself.  i loved it both times equally as much. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

the return of the {very} non prodigal brother

at the very beginning of may, my hermano returned from a TWO YEAR long mission to peru.  as you can imagine, we were all beyond ecstatic to see him!!  holy moly was the reunion as sweet as could be... it seemed like a dream that he was finally home, with an accent you couldn't believe!  {and he still has it!!}  i am so blessed to have been able to be there for his return.  i missed that kid like the dickens and am so happy he is home!   enough with my jibber-jabber... i'll now let the photos do the talkin!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sneak peek

 will someone PLEASE let the cat out of the bag and tell my siblings that growing up really isn't that great???  they need to stop where they are, because i can't handle any more of these kiddos growing up.   i want them to stay young and little forever!   well, since i won't get my way, i guess i must settle with photos.  my sweeter.than.pie.dang.girl.of.the.century sis is now officially a SENIOR...  {barf}  ... and you better believe i documented this shiz like there is no tomorrow.     here's a lil peek::

Hey Guys!

I think it's about time I do another blog post... wouldn't you say??  Well it's nothing big, but it's a start, so here you have it:

he's home! from Ashley Munson on Vimeo.

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