Sunday, March 13, 2011

the rumors are true.

while in hawaii my sweet, sweets did in fact put a ring on it.

poor thing was waiting and hoping that the ring he had ordered for me would arrive before we left on our trip.  and ... it didn't.  so, he improvised and bought me a sweet little hawaiian ring so he could propose while we were there.  we had such a perfect night.  we went to a fancy pants dinner,  snuck into a fancy pants hotel and sat by a fancy pants beach.  and the whole time i was probably more nervous than he was.  seriously.  like  and there he was all cool, calm and collected.  luckily, i had myself together enough to remember to say: "yes!"

so there you have it.
i now have myself a fiancé.
{and look at what a knockout he is!!!}

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