Friday, December 24, 2010

12 thanks of christmas {#1}!

i am sooo soo thankful that i get to go home for christmas.  there is nothing better than spending the holidays with your family.  and honestly, there is nothing, and i mean nothing better than spending the holidays with my family.  wahoo for that!  and wahoo for holidays!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 thanks of christmas {#2}!

photography, cameras, film and all.  what would my life be without the ability to document it all??   i love my family and friends and love to capture our memories through photographs.  so thank you inventor of all things camera!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 thanks of christmas {#3}!

today, i am particularly grateful for my life.  i feel so lucky to be in alaska, with a great job, a great house, great family, great friends and a great life.  i know there are many, many people in the world whom don't have these things and i feel just plain lucky!

for you

my kerith and kevo:

start a brand new day

holy guacs it is cold.  so, so cold.
look how cold i look!
there's only one way to start a cold morning, and that's with a cup of coffee and some neil young radio.
well-- good cold morning to you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


you know what's amazing?  if you take the t out of christmas and add an h at the end, it is the perfect combination of my lovers name and my name.  how convenient. hmmmmm
and speaking of chrissmash-- we had to have ours early, for several really good reasons.  first being: i wanted my presents now.  and here is how it went:

so remember that time you were upstairs and that really rare cd went out of stock while you were looking at it??  well guess who was downstairs buying the last one? that's right, that's right. it was me and now YOU have the very last one of those very rare cds. 

 he had to be sure it was the one.

 and soon after... discovered it was.  thumbs up.

 now that's what you call some real stocking stuffer loot.  oooooh yeah.
 coziest feet on the planet.

 it's my turn! and i'm so freakin excited.... and YES, the books i was almost ready to injure for. {only ever so slightly}
 st-ta-ta-ta-tud!  ka-ching... my collection is almost complete! 
remember that time i sent you a link for these red pants and told you to buy them for me for chrisssmash or i will buy them for myself??  well i love them and was 100% surprised.  i promise. 

 an owl that collects money--how wise...   are you suprised? i certainly am not.

 and remember the time i bought you the same thing for chrisssmash that you bought me??  best chrissmash yet, i bet.
and remember the time you gave me not only the camera, but the entire camera set i have been drooling over for the last several months???  loveatfirstsightguys.

and last--remember the time that i made you take a cheesy family chrissmash portait?  well, i promise it will be the last time, because that was a terrible idea.
merry early chrissmash to all and to all a good night.

12 thanks of christmas {#4}!

today my thankful thing is music!
but only music that is really music and artists that are actually artistic. i love :
music that makes me happy
music that makes me sad
music that makes me wanna fight
music that makes me sleepy
and games that involve singing/playing music {ehhhmmm--rock band}
i love it all.  and certainly couldn't live with out it.  so thanks to those artistic individuals that sooth my always aching for music soul.

p.s. holy moly... #4??  yes!!

*dang you, stupid wolves.

i just have to love on a few more things, alright?  let me be me, sheesh.
how can you not love how my sweet lovers digs into his tasty indian foods when his stomach is about to eat itself?
and who the heck really makes these kinds of adorable gift tags every year?  these guys-- of course-- should have known, i know.  {and yep, i will hold on to every single one, until the very end of time.}

last but not least, not only do i have the best of friends, but they know how to read minds too.  telepathic! can you believe it?  i sure can't, but hey, i won't complain.  look how excited i am.

*that's just one of the few phrases i hear frequently, while sitting next to my sweets when he's playing red dead redemption.  and i looove that too.
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