Thursday, March 31, 2011

now make a wish...

happy birthday to my sweetness of worlds-- my christopher hanyak scott.  can i tell you a few of my favorite things about him and why i love him so?  ok, here it goes:
he knows that every time {without fail} we turn on a movie, i will situate my pillow just perfectly on his lap and fall right to sleep.   he loves this just as much as i do.
we have a secret language and it's weird.  real weird.  we both know this and we both love this and will most likely continue this till we are grey haired and wrinkly.
have i ever told you that his taste in food is impeccable?  at times i like to give him troubles about his suggestions--mostly because it is fun and entertains me --but in the end, my belly is never less than incredibly satisfied.
he is the smartest person i know.  to clarify, i am not just saying this because i am truly.madly.deeply. in love with the man, i am saying this because it is the truth.  it amazes me the amount of knowledge his brain retains,  how it is completely limitless and filled to the brim with incredible information.  if only i was this lucky...
we love indian food... lots ... and lots... and i couldn't have things any other way.
he still tells me that i'm beautiful and let's me know on a very regular basis that i look nice.  this may not mean much to a man, but it does to a woman-- it's a necessity to know that your partner thinks you are beautiful, no matter what anyone may say. :-)
he's my water boy.  whether it's when we are watching a movie or we have just gotten in to bed, he gets my water without any complaints.  isn't he a keeper??
he loves everything i cook for him.  everything.  it doesn't matter if it's a frozen pizza or a 4 course meal, he will tell me how good it is and thank me over and over for such a great dinner.
he thanks me for having high standards and expectations of him/us.
he's excited to have babies with me {and they will be some dang good lookin babies, won't they??}.
he puts up with my moodiness, grumpiness, naggy moments, terribleness and still loves me in the end.
he is always trying to better himself.
he appreciates my womanly ways and wouldn't have things any different.
he loves to fish and is an amazing fisherman, at that-- i love to watch him fish-- it's like watching a kid at a candy store and is absolutely priceless.
all the little things are what really counts in his life-- he is so easy to please and appreciative.
he has the best laughs ever.  and yes, i mean laughs-- there are more than one-- and they are all ammmmazing.
he's a gamer.  yep, he is and yep, i love that about him.
he gets better with age.
aroooooooga!  need i say more?
he is a ding double dong when it comes to technology.  it's quite endearing.
he likes my dorky songs i make up and sing to him on an almost daily basis.
he loves me, genuinely loves me, and i know this not just because he tells me, but because he shows me.
i am one lucky lady and can hardly wait to marry this sweetness of mine.
happiest birthday lover butts.

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