Thursday, March 31, 2011

now make a wish...

happy birthday to my sweetness of worlds-- my christopher hanyak scott.  can i tell you a few of my favorite things about him and why i love him so?  ok, here it goes:
he knows that every time {without fail} we turn on a movie, i will situate my pillow just perfectly on his lap and fall right to sleep.   he loves this just as much as i do.
we have a secret language and it's weird.  real weird.  we both know this and we both love this and will most likely continue this till we are grey haired and wrinkly.
have i ever told you that his taste in food is impeccable?  at times i like to give him troubles about his suggestions--mostly because it is fun and entertains me --but in the end, my belly is never less than incredibly satisfied.
he is the smartest person i know.  to clarify, i am not just saying this because i am truly.madly.deeply. in love with the man, i am saying this because it is the truth.  it amazes me the amount of knowledge his brain retains,  how it is completely limitless and filled to the brim with incredible information.  if only i was this lucky...
we love indian food... lots ... and lots... and i couldn't have things any other way.
he still tells me that i'm beautiful and let's me know on a very regular basis that i look nice.  this may not mean much to a man, but it does to a woman-- it's a necessity to know that your partner thinks you are beautiful, no matter what anyone may say. :-)
he's my water boy.  whether it's when we are watching a movie or we have just gotten in to bed, he gets my water without any complaints.  isn't he a keeper??
he loves everything i cook for him.  everything.  it doesn't matter if it's a frozen pizza or a 4 course meal, he will tell me how good it is and thank me over and over for such a great dinner.
he thanks me for having high standards and expectations of him/us.
he's excited to have babies with me {and they will be some dang good lookin babies, won't they??}.
he puts up with my moodiness, grumpiness, naggy moments, terribleness and still loves me in the end.
he is always trying to better himself.
he appreciates my womanly ways and wouldn't have things any different.
he loves to fish and is an amazing fisherman, at that-- i love to watch him fish-- it's like watching a kid at a candy store and is absolutely priceless.
all the little things are what really counts in his life-- he is so easy to please and appreciative.
he has the best laughs ever.  and yes, i mean laughs-- there are more than one-- and they are all ammmmazing.
he's a gamer.  yep, he is and yep, i love that about him.
he gets better with age.
aroooooooga!  need i say more?
he is a ding double dong when it comes to technology.  it's quite endearing.
he likes my dorky songs i make up and sing to him on an almost daily basis.
he loves me, genuinely loves me, and i know this not just because he tells me, but because he shows me.
i am one lucky lady and can hardly wait to marry this sweetness of mine.
happiest birthday lover butts.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

happy birthday to my sissies

two off the loveliest munson ladies are celebrating their birthday today!!  let me tell you a little bit about them and why i love them so...

let's start with alivia, aka meemers.  i have called her meemers since the very beginning of her time. i'm not really sure where it came from, but it just works for her.  livi is the youngest of the munson bunch and boy oh boy, that is the truth!  she has the sweetest, biggest heart and loves every single 9 of her big siblings and her 1 niece and 2 nephews.   alivia and our brother kaden are best buds and are aaaalways together.  they get sooo excited for me to come and visit and usually have our mom make a countdown to put on the refrigerator so they know exactly how many days left till i arrive.  when i come to town they always come with my parents to pick me up at the "alaska" {aka the airport}.  we have the best time together...we go on dates to starbucks and sometimes mcdonalds, we go shopping, we run through sprinklers, go to the mooovies, play games, sleep out on the tramp and roast marshmallows in the back yard.  it is the best ever and i never want those times to end.  livi and i almost always share a bed when i come to town and one of the things i love most about her is she is always up to snuggle.  in fact, she is the only one that will snuggle.  katelynn and abby never want to... boo on them.  so alivia is my official snuggle buddy and that is how it will be for life.  one last thing: i am her fav.  it has been publicly announced on several occasions and i just want to put that out there. :-}  i love her oh sooo much and am sooo lucky to have her as my baby sis.  happiest birthday to my meeeemers!! i looooove you. 

this right here friends, is the dang girl of the month.  in fact, she is the one who coined the term "dang girl" {there are a few other variations she uses as well}.   and guess what??  today is her sweeeeeeet 16!  wooowooooo.   those boys better keep their distance or who knows what will come their way.  katelynn aka kaylo-lay-lo aka katelers aka janice aka lover butt munchels butternut boo boo is truly one of the coolest cats around.  she is one sweet lady and will grow up to be a phenomenal mom, wifey and girl {i don't like to think of her being a woman, i want her to stay the way she is forever and ever and never grow up}.   she loooves her siblings, nieces and nephews sooo much.  when i come to town, katelynn is usually my sidekick.  she is up for anything.   we like to wrastle each other, make movies, jump on the trampoline, float down the rivers, go swimming, do each others hair, take pictures, learn crafts, make cakes, have footie pj parties and all sorts of crazy things.  katelers has the best hair of anyone i've ever met...  i always try to steal it but she won't let me have it.  :-{  one last thing, i am also her fav -- yep, yep, i am.   happppy birthday katelynn aka kaylo-lay-lo aka katelers aka janice aka lover butt munchels butternut boo boo!! i love you ooooh sooo much and hope it was the best day of all! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's the little things that count

how do i get my hands on this??

or this, on my hands?

lucky penny

let me tell you this:
today, i have the itchiest chin i've ever had in my whole entire life and for no apparent reason.  no bug bites, no strange diseases or terrible infections.  just. pure. itchiness.
and let me also tell you this:
i am not a fan.
i have one last thing to tell you:
yesterday, i accomplished something very, very difficult.  {well -- for me, at least}  and i have never, at least not yet, felt so proud of myself.  so i apologize in advance for my lack of modesty and the potential gloating that may take place if we happen to cross paths.

lovers weekend

these two lovers decided to go on a weekend.  and maybe it was because someone is having a birthday reeeal soon-- but maybe that someone doesn't like to talk about that so we will just let it go.  so just let it go, ok!!

one of these lovers was debuting their new sunglasses and had to show them off while they were so fresh and so clean, clean.

while the two lovers drove down the beautiful highway, they couldn't help but admire how beautiful it was that day.

when they arrived at the cabinhouse they read books, made wedding invitations, read more books, made more wedding invitations and in between all of that, took breaks to enjoy the deck and the kenai's majestic beauty.

and for the birthday that we don't talk about -- one of these lovers made the other lover his faaavorite meal of all times.

birthday lover was so excited and gobbled up every bite.  unfortunately, the two lovers were too full to have birthday dessert but birthday lover was ok with this.

after laboring so long and hard in the kitchen, this lover needed a spa treatment...  so she gave herself a spa treatment.

since this weekend really was all about birthday lover, not only did they have his favorite dinner, but they had one of his favorite breakfasts too!  and to top it off-- chef lover made sure to make plate faces with the food -- because that's the way it's done.

sadly, after doing more reading and more wedding invitations, the lovers weekend was over and they had to head back home.
{the end} 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

na na na naaaaah

what was on your plate for dinner?

some of my lovely ladies + vegetarian/gluten free mexican delights = good times had by all.  {i am one lucky lady}

just dreamin'

{apartment love}

made well

craft projects are a pretty regular thing at the good ol' HT.  they usually happen around the change of seasons... and since the change of seasons are kind of around the corner -- we took it upon ourselves to do some crafting.  this was a very intense project consisting of doilies, twine, and a hot glue gun.  i can't speak for h. brett, but i can certainly say for myself that i feel very satisfied with the *crafection that took place this afternoon.  
camouflage doily
doilies all around
doily bliss

{*crafty & perfection combined}

Thursday, March 24, 2011

every party has a pooper

today was one of those days where i wanted to feel good and i tried reeeeally hard to feel good and i did whatever i could to make myself feel better than i did...  i even gave myself a party bun for pete's sake, but even that didn't work.   god bless america, i hope tomorrow is a better day. wa wa. pout. pout. poor me.  i'm going to bed now.  goodnight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

date night at the diner

who doesn't love diner date night when you're sitting across the booth from this hunk-of-love?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


in current news:
  • i have officially renounced sugar, mostly because of this and because it is poison. 
  • something has happened and i have become extremely lazy, to the most fullest extent.  i am strongly hoping that the extension of sunlight in our days perks me up and sends energy my way, to say the least. 
  • i really love jane eyre.
  • why can't there be another term less ridiculous sounding than fiance to call your fiance?  someone, anyone, make something up and give me the deets -- until then, i will continue to call my sweets, my fiance.
  • i may be getting sick and i am not ok with this.

the gods honest truth

listen up people!
the snow is melting and that's a known fact.
can i get a hallelujah?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

good moon

last night was meant for a short drive into the hills, to sit under the brilliant light of the super moon.  and if i may say so myself, it really was quite super.  so there we sat, eating sour starbursts, chatting about potential honeymoon spots, the terrible and unnecessary war obama is starting in libya, making a game plan in case anyone ever decided to attack us with nuclear weapons & future garden plans.   after all was said and done, i couldn't help but think how glad i am we found each other...  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

right on

ummm. yes i will be making this delicious looking cashew oat milk with cinnamon and agave.  are you kidding me?  how ridiculously delicious does this sound? ridiculous!

sing your heart out people

 birthday girl wanted karaoke night and birthday girl got herself a karaoke night -- and let me tell you --  \\\it was one good night.///  in fact, i'm pretty sure it was one of the best.  not only did we get our sing on, but we got our dance on and it was amazing.  i have also come to learn that if i were to ever challenge cher to a sing off, it may very well be a close competition. and to top it off... i wouldn't even need to auto-tune my voice, because guess what? it's aaauuu naturelll girl.  auuu naturell.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

blegger blegger blue.

is it too much for a girl to ask that her hipstamatic photographs the gigantic beautiful mountains & sky the same way i see them when i drive home?  i think not.  so listen up, get to work!  until then, you will have to deal with this crappy piece of work.   and please cherish it because i almost lost my life taking this for you.

she is MY lucky charm

if it was a matter of who was deserving of what and what was deserving of who, then i'd be SOL.  let's just be glad that's not the case and i am lucky enough to have myself a one of a kind, none other and none better, than the one and only klight herself. so here we have 28+2 things i love about the one and only.  juuuust cause.  and maybe also because it's her biiiiiirthday and she deserves every last one!

1. have i ever told you how jeal i am of her hair?  the color.  the cut. the asymmetricalness that once was.  and how no matter what she does to it, it always looks amazing on that beautiful little head of hers.  {i'd take it all if i had the chance-- every last one!}
2. she always thinks she has the worst picture faces.  but secretly we know she loves them all.  and don't deny it, cause i know you do.  or maybe it's me that loves them ALL??
3. remember that one time that she thought she wasn't getting any bit of tan, and then she came back to the big ol' ak and discovered she was the tannest person around.  she beat kev, chris and the one and only me right out of the water!  i loved that time.
4. i love how perfect her and kevin are together & how perfectly they love each other-- it is something that everyone should admire. 
5. those eyes!  those eyes!  look at them!!
6. she is the most limber person i have ever met.  well...she would have to be, with all those toe touches and such.
7. hatchers pass is not the same without her.
8. she's my picture bud and no one can beat that!
9. she loves my family, just as much as i love my family, without ever even meeting more than half of my family... and that is worth a world to me.
10.  she also loves chris to pieces and thinks that  because it pretty much is, but it is the best thing in the world to watch her watch him.  it's almost as good as watching jersey shore. for reals. this is also worth a world to me.
11. she likes my music and boy bands.
12. she's good at everything she does.  everything! Everything! EVERYTHING!
13. she's a lady. yeah yeah yeah yeah! she's a lady.
14. girl's got some style.  it's all hers & no one can take it from her.  i like that.
15. she has the coolest dog in town.  in fact, she is the coolest dog in ALL towns. 
16. if she wanted to, she could scooter around the entire world.  and if she could, she probably would {with kevin on her back, of course. {isn't that the best image to envision ever?}}
17. she's one hell of a boob.  and i wouldn't have it any other way. 
18. yoga is not/would never be the same without her.
19. when she loves somebody, she genuinely loves them. and i love that about her. big time.
20. i love that no matter how much i think i know her-- there is still more to learn, and more stories to hear.  and i'm hoping that is the case for the rest of our lives.
21. she's modern vintage. it's the only way to describe her.  isn't it great?
22. this girl knows how to take a photo and that is a known fact.
23. she's down to ride bikes and run the loop any day.  rain or shine, -30 or +30 or 60 or 60+. 
24. all the best ideas and best adventures and group activities start with her.
25. she's the only person in the world i'd want to be carsick with...  she understands the need for cheetos and pop when carsickness is upon us.
26. mountain dew loves her and she loves mountain dew.  excuse me ///diet mountin dew\\\
27. her blob is the best of all blobs around... it's always right on spot with whatever it is i need at that very moment and never fails to leave me with loads and heaps and piles of inspiration.
28.would you believe that she does the very best impersonation of lucy from twin peaks i have ever heard?  and it just so happens that she is one of my favorite characters.  {which wins kerith another gold medal in my book.} 
+1. she does in fact have the dang girl car of the month, every month, for the rest of our lives.
+2. no matter what, no matter where, no matter when, she would be there for me 100%.
bonus #1.  she makes my holidays, holidays when my family is so far away.
bonus #2. my life wouldn't be the same without her.  loovesss you fooo.  thanks for being you and one of the best friends a girl could ask for.  smooooooooch.
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