Sunday, March 13, 2011


it is known as SHAVE ice and is the absolute best when mac nut ice cream is in the middle and paired with guava and lime.  yum. yum. yummy.
a vehicle big enough for 4 + 4 more.
this hurt.  {a lot}
by far the most beautiful part of the trip.
behold the beloved queens bath.  most beautiful at sunset.  but beware-- the waves may suck you out to sea.
{red sand & blow hole}
dirty rope swing that was not swung on. :-(  next time though, next time.
snorkel pals.  best ones, for sure.
rain, you're gonna have to try harder to keep us away from the beach!
it was an easy sneak into the marriott and it's five hot tubs were more than needed, loved and used on this evening.
tropical coffee with foamy art on the top was the way i started every.single.morning.
fuzzy hair like moss on my toes was something i wasn't expecting to love as much as i did.
mr. crabby crab hung with us all afternoon on the beach.   i honest to god think he flashed me a peace sign at one point.
where young lovers once jumped to prove their undying love.  
it was a journey slightly over complicated to get to this lighthouse, yet we made it!!! and it was welllll worth it.  yep, it suuure was. 
sun, surf AND paddle boarding?  what?  no way?  and yep, we're gonna take it!
puts the grand canyon to SHAME.  
{even though i haven't actually seen the grand canyon, and don't exactly know what to compare it to. but who cares. right?}
lovers in front of good scenes. 
best lovers in front of scenes.
more lovers in front of good scenes.
SHAVE ice.
oh yes kevin did.
oaaaahu!  only regret was not getting on a japanese tour bus.  i wanted to sooo bad.
lover boy all googly eyed over indian food. 
sweet D, hanging loose on pipeline...  scoping out her future boy toys.
malasadas.  everyone MUST try.
aloha for now.

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