Thursday, January 27, 2011

long short weekend

 my grandma's service was beautiful!  my mom's sweet, sweet friends went over and beyond in the decorating department.  everything looked wonderful, grandma would have loved it!  not only did everything look beautiful, but wow did she have quite the turn out.  it's amazing to see how large our family is!  she will live on forever, through her family--generation to generation.

 love and family all around.  it's pretty sweet that none of us ever tire of each other. we thoroughly love and enjoy the time we spend together, and i think it's quite obvious too. :-)

having fun with grandma's scarves.  dashing, wouldn't you say? 

sleeping kiddos & geese galore.
i love my trips home, regardless of the circumstances... it's my home and it just feels good to be there.
see you in 2 weeks, family! 

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