Thursday, January 6, 2011

hoooome for the holidays!

alllmost there!!

officially initiated into the fam. :)
 hey hermano.  how lucky were we to be able to skype with our sweet missionary in peru??  he looked so good and perfect and for some reason reminded me of ken barbie.  i think that all of us would agree this was by far the best part of christmas, and the best christmas present we could have received. we love and miss you reginald!
jammies... and i mean jammies!
birthday #1-- our sweetest abby!  there is something you must now about this sweet abby of mine.  she is the most loving, tenderhearted person you will ever meet.  she always greets you with a big hug, a smile, and is very sure to tell you how much she loves you and how excited she is to see you.  we are more than lucky to be graced by her sweet presence in this big world.  abby may not remember this, but when she was a baby, i used to sing songs to her every night-- made up off the top of my head, of course.  they were all about how much i loved her and how she was so pretty and how glad i am that she is mine. 
we felt so lucky to spend the day with her.  we did lots of shopping and abby experienced lots of firsts!!!  that is how you bring in the big #10!
two birthday celebrations in one day!  wahooo! 

family, hanyak, hanyak, family, family,  family, idaho, family, family, friends, idaho aaaand friends!
 jump tiiime! nothing beats a facility that is head to toe trampoline. nothing!
megaaamind! only in 3d...  and only the best with momma munson around.  giggles the entire time. {and i mean that in the most literal way possible.}
a trip to boise is not a real trip, unless we have at least one visit to krispy kreme and get some photos with those gosh darn hats i love.  
birthday #2!! guess who is officially an adult??  aaron freakin munson -- that's who.  can you believe it?  i certainly can not.   i remember when he was the chubbiest baby ever and i called him chubs and he was so chubby that we couldn't close his swing chair all the way because of his sweet chubbiness.   and i remember when he was the most crazy toddler in the world--seriously crazy and would talk his older brother into doing everything--everything!!   and i remember when i told him i'd give him a pack of gum if he let me give him the worst wedgie ever and he did and i did, and i forgot to give him a pack of gum--but he still loved me anyways. and i remember watching him and his older brother austin become the best buds ever and watched them develop a bond so strong that will never end.  and i remember when he grew up to be the most handsome, best mannered young man, and one day best husband and best dad ever.  i get all teary eyed just thinking about it and feel so lucky to have him as my brother.
 love you family!  thanks for having us, and wahooo for february!!


  1. Very, very sweet! Looking forward to February!

  2. That just made me laugh and cry and smile while doing both wow what a week.I love you.


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