Sunday, January 30, 2011

here is the plan.

a few things (+1) you should know:

next time i'm home, i will sneak into her room and cut off her long golden locks and turn them into extensions and put them in my hair and then they will finally be MINE all MINE!  so you better be sleeping with one eye open, miss kaylo-laylo.

here at the hanyakterrysmashmunson.home, we are about to bid sugar adieu... for the month of february, that is.  so wish us good luck as we give that sugar a swift kick in the patoots, on the way out. 

you must never pay $13.50 to watch an imax or rpx or whatever it is, at the movie theater-- all you pay for is to have your ear drums blown out and it is not worth it.  i repeat, NOT WORTH IT.

lastly, could my chin/bottom lip itch any worse than it already does?  sweet jesus it's going to drive me crazy.

p.s. you better believe i had my last sugar at the one and only marble slab.  it is the holiest of holies, in the sugar world. 

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