Saturday, March 3, 2012

put a horn on it

nyc came and went and was over like a snap.... 

goood morning ashley, nyc says: "hellooooo"

 workin girls hard at work
 sometimes in life, it's all about the little things (some bigger than most...) and nyc is filled with them...

city shopping, exploring and findings.  one of the best discoveries of all was the beautiful high line, which allows you to take it all in, with an incredibly beautiful perspective.
 a trip to nyc with a certain miss brett would not be the same without late night (9pm) pj adventures to a corner shop, to hunt for evening snacks...   unfortunately these adventures never tend to be quick when a certain chip addict finds herself in the chip isle.  how could one make up their mind with such a variety of options?
 rastananaaaaaaaaaa!  so good, yet so gross??
{and make up dessert for a disappointing dinner}
 bad pussies and mini pants... only in nyc.
 the sun shined and shined and we were sure to soak it alll up.
 you better believe i wouldn't leave sweet ol' nyc without taking advantage of gluten free baked goodness... well, more like: meltinyourmouthwishitwouldneverendness
i mean, gluten free doughnuts... are you for real?  yes, they were and they were and holy blowmymind incredible!
favorite spot of all...
 it was good, it was great and then it was gone.  until next time...and you better believe there will be a next time.

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