Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 this week is spring break.  sadly spring break isn't as break like as i had hoped for.  it is more like: spring break with more than equal parts of life stress.  after things like this, it makes a girl wonder if she'll ever be able to catch a break?  hmph.  i'm sure one week, but maybe just not this one?  anyways, on a positive note, hermano austin will be home in only SEVEN weeks.  can you believe it?????  and to think even more positive hermano aaron has already been gone for TWO weeks {is it terrible that i wish it was more than two weeks? :)} so to think even more positive, by the time hermano austin has come home, hermano aaron will have been gone for 9 weeks!!  sounds much better, doesn't it? 
well anyways... have yourself a snap or two.

{red on red}                                            {details}
 {details}                                                {blue}
 {dear hermano}

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