Friday, March 2, 2012

the devil went down to slc

as usual, i have found myself sick while visiting my fam.  there is not a trip home that comes and goes without me being sick in the middle of it.  this time, however, has quite the epic story behind it.  i think it all began with the devil...inside of me.

i like to joke with my family about lots of things.  one being: when i do weird, bad, strange, crazy, funny things... my reasoning is usually that the devil is inside of me, or something to that effect.  anyways, we were getting ready to drop sweet aaron off at the mtc for his mission and we had some time to kill before doing so, to kill time we went to the temple to take photos.  it had just snowed in provo that morning and the temple grounds were filled with fluffy white goodness,  i figured there was no time like the present and began a snowball fight, on temple grounds, with my sibs.   of course, i blamed this on the devil.  then we took lots of photos, watched and laughed at people bawling their eyes out before dropping their sweet missionaries off at the mtc... we then dropped sweet aaron off and i bawled my stupid eyes out, just like the others before us had and we were off!  after we left, katelynn began to bawl her eyes out {which NEVER happens}... and i explained that the reason she was crying was probably because of the devil.  we were heading back towards salt lake on the freeway and the car began to act like it was running out of gas... {not very sure why, since the last time we gassed up was in boise before we left for slc??} so we puttered to an off ramp and made it to the side of the road.  the devil inside was so embarrassed he wouldn't let me get out of the car to push to the parking lot, so mom and dad had to push, while i sat in back and katelynn drove.  my thoughts were that the devil was tinkering with the gas gauge and wanted us to have an extra adventurous trip home!  so dad ran to get gas and we headed on our way...  while heading out of slc, the devil rolled in some dark and heavy clouds, then a snowstorm began.   i then, fell asleep.  i woke up about half way through our trip with a terrible sore throat and made my dad stop at the closest gas station so i could get hot water to make tea.  the gas station we stopped at was literally in the middle of no where...  and gated in the very front of this gas station were two llamas.  how perfect, right?  i got one of them to smile at me, believe it or not...  i really, really did!!  {must have been my devilish good looks}  once i got my llama smile, i got back in the car and we were off.   at this point, in addition to my throat, my tummy started to feel really weird...  it began to expand ... to a point where i literally thought it may pop... literally.   we stopped at chili's to get some food {this is where things got wicked}.  as we entered the restaurant i began to feel really, really terrible... instantly really terrible.  i sat down for a minute and started saying "i feel really sick, like really, really sick..."  and then i ran to the bathroom.  both stalls were in use...  i ran out the side door of chili's and ran into the parking lot so i wouldn't ruin dinner for all the peoples and threw my guts up.  it was gross.  i went back in and began to watch all the people in the twin falls chili's {which is enough to make a person want to throw up without begin sick}... my fam ate their food and we were off.... well... for about a few miles, until we stopped at a gas station.   i was laying in the back seat, legs spread about on katelynn and i began to feel sick again....i got out of the car and boom... threw my guts up again... yuck.    i must have thrown up the devil this time, because i was able to sleep the rest of the way home.  i woke up the next morning to my tummy expanded 10 times it's normal size, a sore throat, clogged ears and runny nose...he must have come back. ;-}  at least this time, he waited till the end of the trip, so i could fully enjoy my last days with aaron.  

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