Tuesday, January 17, 2012

gritty hands

remember in arrested development when tobias gets hair implants and his implants begin to reject his body?  well that's what ak is doing to me. it's rejecting my life. it all started with my car...

for the last two months, on my days off i have planned to take my car in for a check up and to get my battery replaced and on every single one of my days off it has either a}snowed so much that i can not drive my car or b}been too cold that my car will not even start.  my poor, poor car has just about had it and can no longer handle this crazy ak weather.  this weekend it was dead for 4 whole days... after about 8 hours of charging the battery, i was able to get it started {thankfully!!}... crossing my fingers it will last through this terribly cold week!

not only has ak rejected my car, but it has begun rejecting my home.  this weekend, while my car was freezing to death, my house was also doing so and then my pipes froze.  booo.  nothing worse than literally being stuck at home with frozen pipes...

what will be next??  

i'm hoping ak begins to let down a little because as nice as it may sound to be in a warmer, more friendly state,  i can't leave juuust yet. :)  

ok, enough complaints... now for some snaps!

gluten and egg free {not exactly vegan} breakfast hash.... nom.nom.nom.

       biggest potato chip i have ever seen.  can you believe that humongous genetically modified potato chip made it allll they way to my mouth without even a wee bit of cracking??  i certainly can not.

best.ice cream.
hooooly. mooooly.
it was so dang good.
picture this:
banana pudding ice cream
mixed with
chocolate peanut butter ice cream
mixed with
coffee ice cream
mixed with
heath bar crumbles.
heaven.  absolute heaven.
in the midst of the most bitter, cold weather... we are teased with beautiful blue skies and sparkly white trees.  one of my favorite things about ak. ♥ ♥ ♥

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