Tuesday, January 17, 2012


last week was craft week....
i was back home from vaca and all by my lonesome at the shop
since br was gone, i had to find some way to entertain myself
 so i did this...

 i made 40 of these...
which may not seem like much, but holy cow... it took a lot more time than i was expecting.
 i dipped old invoice, scrap paper and catalogs in coffee
let them dry
cut them up into various petal shapes
hot glued them
and walla!
 a window filled with paper flowers!

since i had to drench around 250 pieces of paper with coffee
i had a little bit of waiting time in between.
while i was waiting, i had a spray paint party
 i painted lots of letters...

 and a frame.
after i painted the frame,
i screwed in 10 loops to the back side of the frame
then added wire across...
to make a sunglass display
{i've been wanting to do this project for a while and realized i finally had all the materials to do so!}
 so there you have it.... my first productive week of the year! go me!

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