Monday, January 9, 2012

the back of yo head is ridiculos

and unto us, an ashley was uncovered...

 and boy, oh boy was she!
we started my visit proper, with none other than a photo booth session for one and all....

and then.
i got sick...

luckily, i was feeling mostly back to normal for sweet abby's birthday!

 birthday girl got to go on a birthday date with one of her besties! 
in the mean time, the gang and i went to adventure downtown.

 after downtown exploring came to an end,
kaylo, momma and i began craft project numero uno!
 {unfortunately i didn't take a before picture :(}

 apparently spray paint isn't handled well in the munson home... two bloody noses at one time!
and a sweet, tired pup.

 FINALLY, i get my very own birthday date, with the sweetest Abby of all!  Not always do we get to have these sort of dates, and when we do, they must be extra special!  Abby made out like a bandit, I made sure of it. 

 Craft project numero uno finished!!! 

 AND THEN we found ourselves celebrating birthday number TWO!
birthday boy. birthday boy. he's a he's a birthday boy.  birthday boy. birthday boy. birthday boy! birthday boy gets celebratory jack-in-the-box at midnight.... as every birthday boy should.
then birthday boy got to go to rockies diner, where they serve you on rollerskates!!!   {every birthday boy's dream}
 strawberry peanut butter shake... how did i not think of it first??? can you say todiefor?

 baby brobrobear in the finest of brobrobear form for the birthday boy!

 birthday boy. birthday boy. birthday boy. birthday cake. birthday boy.  birthday boy.  birthday boy!

 how now brown cow?  that's what i asked them.

good ol' boise.  best of all winters yet.

next stop:: fanci freeeeeeeez
{sosososososo yummmmyyyyyy} 


 bringing in 2012 munson style.  
{fortunately, no cops were involved this year}

 clear blue skies and perfect idaho sunsets.

 beautiful big trees and lingering winter foliage

fanci freeze round 2... done always and only in the {HEATED} outdoor tent provided.

 kids gettin crazy

 three words:
one word:
4 different types of potatoes made 4 different ways
10+ seasoning options
10+fry dipping options
{including blueberry ketchup, cajun fry sauce, apricot curried ketchup AND more}

craft project number dos

 while paint dries, we dye mom's hair and do facials!
{never a wasted moment while i'm in town}

 child labor in action...

 craft project numero dos FINISHED!!!
 {first attempt at the crackle effect and it worked beautifully!!}


 eventually, all good things must come to an end... 

 good bye sweet idaho... until next time.

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  1. I can't believe I hadn't seen half of those photos ,as usual it was an awesome post . What a natural photographer you are .
    Lovve ,the Momma


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