Monday, May 9, 2011

pot o gold

today was a day of random things.
first--we had to go to eagle river and decided since we were out there, that we would do all things eagle river, just as though we lived there.  we went to the bank, went to the ups store, got some coffee, drove through some neighborhoods and just plain enjoyed ourselves.   while doing this, it was mutually decided that eagle river is our kind of place.
next--it was all about finding a bike.  our hunt was not very efficacious, but i have not given up hope.
after that--we were on to all things coffee machine related.  while on our hunt, we discovered that metro cooks has expanded times 10, got lost in the expansion and had no luck finding the one small thing we needed.  boo.
and then-- i ran 5.2 whole miles.  it hurt and i'm probably going to be hurting tomorrow, but i'm glad i did it.
for a reward--i had vegetarian pho.  nom. nom. nom.
and now-- i am going to drool all over my pillow.

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