Monday, May 2, 2011

mubbles and munts

this post has a little something to do with mubbles and munts.  a mubble is the one and only bubblegum bubble blown by me.  i'm considering writing a book about the proper tecnique and i would call it: "momma munson's guide to blowing mubbles."  what do you think?  i think it's golden.

look at those mubbles!  if i do say so myself, i'd say they're pretty impressive. 

now, what is a munt, you may ask?  well a munt is my new secret weapon this kickball season.  the problem is that since it is a secret weapon... i can't exactly give you the details... at least not until we have started the season.  so this post is to be continued.  the good news is that kickball season is officially right around the corner and we had our very first practice last night.  it was bomb and i have a feeling we are gonna kick a whole lot of double booty this year.  oh yeah.

 after kickball snacks.  since meat wasn't allowed on the nachos we had to settle for cheesy garlic fries. i hope sweet zachy wasn't too disappointed.

1 comment:

  1. sakes alive thank you SO much for keeping the munt on the downlow...kebi woulda hada KILL you!!! also, i don't think zachy looks too disappointed about anything, awwww yeah!


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