Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

this is my mom and she is amazing.  i was so lucky to be placed in her life and home.  let me tell you a little bit about her and why i love her so.
she and my dad have 10 kids.  {can you believe it?? 10 of us!!}   she has the most tender, caring heart.  she always knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.  some how she managed to take care of my very ill grandma and family for the last 5 years--seeing how difficult of a job that was, it amazes me that she was able to wake up every day, do it again and still smile and have fun with us.  her strength is incredible... and admirable.   she is humble.  she has incredible compassion.  she loooves us kids and has so much fun hanging out with us and watching us do stupid, silly things.  she has the best laugh.  she cares so deeply for all 6 of her siblings.  she is always doing service for others.  she is loving.  she is such an amazing wife.  she is also an amazing friend.  she still loves us, even though we {myself, my siblings & my dad} love to tease her allllll the time.  she is caring.  she is a leader.  she is beautiful.  she is a mom to all -- not only her children.  she was born to be a mother, it was truly her life calling.  she has always been there for me...  when i was going through my terrible {and i mean terrible} teenage years,  she gave me her strength when i had none. she would stay up until the crack of dawn talking to me, waiting up for me and in the most loving way, try to guide me in a better direction.  i feel so blessed to have a mother who has taught me all the most important lessons in life.  she taught me how to love.  she taught me humility.  she taught me manners.  she taught me how to be a good person.  she taught me to be thankful.  she taught me how to have fun and how to laugh.  she taught me how to be respectful.  she taught me compassion.  she taught me how to be selfless.  she taught me how to earn and how to work.   she has taught us the importance of maintaining a healthy and fun family relationship.  not only did she teach us all these things, but she lead by example.  she has showed me how to be the mom i will try so hard to be someday.  she is my mom and i am so very grateful for that. she is  amazing and i don't think there are very many like her out there.  {no offense to all the moms out there--i know you are probably a good mom too,  it's just that my mom really is the best of all.} i strive to be like her every day.  she is my hero and i love her more than she would ever know.  i love you mom.  happy mother's day.  

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  1. Ashley, you'll never know how much that means to me. I love being a mother. Sometimes it is heart wrenching watching your children learn and struggle through life, but this makes it worth it all. You are a beautiful woman both inside and out. You have a great big heart and you still make me feel like I am important to you. I love all of our children and want my children to love each other no matter our differences and strengths and weaknesses. We need each other. Have a wonderful day and be extra kind to Chris's mother today, just for me. I love you soooo much! It worked you almost made me sob, and the tears fell in streams.


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