Tuesday, April 5, 2011


sometimes days go like this:

 exhibit a: 
1.go to work. go to the store after work. get all your groceries rung up, go to pay and realize you have forgotten your wallet.  now you must cross a river to get home.
2. sometimes these things happen.
3. just the usual evening happenings at the terry-munson home.  taking a peek over my computer screen to see what my sweets is up to.
4. sweets is obviously not up to much.

 exhibit b:
1. make chris pose in front of scenery.
2. make chris pretend to be gary coleman.  "whachoo talkin 'bout willis?"
3. serious face.
4. make chris take picture of me posing in front of scenery.

exhibit c:
1. make food.  lots and lots of food.  sauteed kale, fried potatoes for chris, sweet potato for me, fake meats, steamed broccoli and asparagus, salad.  yum.
2. take photos of colorful foods.
3. catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset.
4. end the day with popcorn, almond milk smoothies, movies and cuddlings.

how do your days go?

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