Friday, April 8, 2011

round 2

it is true... i did get food poisoning or something of that sort, last night.  yick. gross.  bad news.  and yep, i did make it to work and my tummy did feel like it was filled with pop rocks all day long.  but i made it through and that is the entire point.  i'm alive people!  thanks to the good lord on high, i'm alive.   anywhoo.  because i wasn't feeling 100%, i made complete use of my laziness and sat my sweet, large, rear right on that very couch of mine until this pretty little thing was done, done and done!  and guess what?  it's done!  wooohoooo.  now if you would please cross your fingers, legs and toes for me in hopes that i will feel 100% tomorrow, i would appreciate it.  thanks in advance.

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