Monday, April 11, 2011

the blindest of pilots

snaps of color....

can i just say-- very few things have tasted good to me the last few days.  this girl's got a rumbly tumbly and it is nooooo good.  and tonight's date night dinner was kind of a big disappointment.  bum deal.  however, there was a lesson has now been proven that bombay deluxe can not be beat and nor should you ever try to beat it because it will end in failure and possibly a very. bad. rumbly. tumbly.


p.s. there is something about blind pilot that i tend to love a lot and a lot and i just wish sooo much that they would come out with a new album and more than anything that it will not disappoint.  here's to wishing... 

1 comment:

  1. dear smash:
    so sorry to hear about the tumbly. i'm a sensitive tumbly gal as well, as you know, and yuck. also, man i love those chickens. chickens are verrrrrrrry shiek when it comes to kitchens and especially curtains know, get to work. and also again, i've seen blind pilot. maybe we need to start seeing things together?? hmmm?


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