Sunday, April 17, 2011

i'm on a roll

somehow today ended up incredibly productive.
usually when the weekend comes, i lay around like a dead fish and have a hard time finding motivation to get all my chores done.  but something happened and i'm not really sure what but i certainly will not complain.  let's break it down picture style {kinda}.

first thing is first, i slept in till almost 10 and felt kind of groggy and yuck. {probably from the excess amounts of sugar i consumed the night before at a super fabulous surprise party, held at mi casa}  i proceeded to walk downstairs to have my morning cup and see this perfect chocolate cupcake sitting in my refrigerator.  i decide to eat it with my coffee.  this is really strange and this would never happen in my normal weird life, but for some reason it happened today and maybe that's why things went as well as they did?  who knows?  


well anywhoo i lazed around till about 12, mapped out a 4.5 mile run and went on my way.  gosh dang girl, it was an incredible day for a run! look at it!

i have not been running in quite some time, which is rather embarrassing and to start out with 4.5 miles is usually really hard...but it wasn't!  it felt great!  and i was so happy! and in the middle of my super awesome, one of a kind run, guess who i ran into {pun totally intended here}?  none other than the fabulous lisa, who was on a much longer run than myself... and asked if i would finish the last 2 miles with her, which of course i was down!  so i finished my 4.5 and she came by and we did 2 more and woohooo!  i will not lie, i am proud of myself and it felt great.


work out done and i'm feeling good.  i had to feed my lovers before he left for work, so i whipped up some quick halibut tacos.  {always a fav in this little family of ours}  he was more than pleased and it was just what the doctor ordered... especially after that great run!

after run and foods,  it was craft time!  i was so lucky to have the **natasha p. come over to help me with my crafting.   i received a sewing machine for christmas and had yet to use it... mostly because i felt a tad bit intimidated.  i happen to find the perfect fabric to get me motivated and asked tash to help me with a good beginner project.  she was sooo amazing and patient and i finally finished my first sewing project!!  unfortunately, i haven't been able to take a photo of the finished product, but here's a sneak peek!
**{natasha has a blog i'm sure you all have heard of and if you haven't yet, you must check it out here.}**

 now i am sitting on the couch, ready for bed, feeling so proud of my productive day.
the end.

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