Saturday, November 26, 2011


 so one day this new ginger girl received a phone call saying her sweeter
than pie little bro wanted to bring her home for thanksgiving. 
 and as any new ginger girl would... she said "ok"
 so she came and went, all in 5 days, but as expected... not a moment of those 5 days went to waste.
we had early morning hellos, church 
and of course, family taco night
we had late night treat picking at the one and only
 we had crazy pose/face making competitions

 outfit comptetitions

 sissy love

 bro time

 nail time

 gym time

 and surprise!

 we went to shoshone falls at 9 in the am

 it was way more beautiful and spectacular than i remembered.

 shoshone is best in the fall.

 you can take my word for it...


 so dad got his bling on
aaron got his sleep on then spit his gum on himself
 and we mini road tripped back home
 then we went to a called the three musketeers
 and we at carmel corn, as anyone would... at a $3 movie
 and we sammiched all night
 and caught up on twilight
lastly we thanksgivinged like there was never another...
we at mashed potaters, roasted veggies, pies, pies and moooore pies,
we played dance central like there was no tomorrow
and then i was gone.
it was good, it was great and i can't WAIT till christmas....

1 comment:

  1. It was amazing and I can hardly wait until part duex
    Love Mama bear


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