Friday, November 18, 2011

dear dad

dear dad,
you sent me an article this morning about how a father should go about raising their daughters...  and while i was reading it, i discovered even more, how truly lucky i am to have had you as my dad.
do you realize that you have always loved our mother and your marriage.  you have proven to us how much you love her in the way that you show respect towards her, tenderness, loyalty, compassion and devotion... and because of this, i do value my womanhood and feel like i deserve and should be treated the same.
do you realize that as much as popular culture has tried to make this seem unimportant,  you have always maintained the role as the patriarch in our family-- you have protected, defended, rejected unnecessary material things, shown that your family truly is what matters in life and lead the way, through example, as our father and head of our household.  as much as popular culture has tried to make me believe otherwise, i see the importance of this and respect and appreciate how hard you have worked to help us, your children, see this.
do you realize that you have always shown us the importance of virtue, morality and why it is so important to keep our bodies free of toxins and things that may alter who we are, or take away from who we can be.
do you realize you have always been aware of the things you have brought into our home... and although at times i have seen it as "annoying," i  now understand, why it was important to you that we did not watch or listen to things that weigh heavy on our mind and soul.
do you realize that you have always been present in all of our lives... and shown us by literally being there when we have needed you, by lifting us up, by expecting us to be kind, by expecting us to be good, by expecting us to think about each other and others, by showing us the importance of modesty, by expecting us to be more than we think we can be, by always believing in us, by wanting us to be successful in anything we do and by supporting us through anything and everything... but most of all by being there, always, without fail.
do you realize you have done everything you could as a father, you have stood for things you know are worth fighting for, when i was a teenager you waited for me to come home,  you checked up on me when you didn't feel right about things... you talked to us, you sang with us, you laughed with us, you had fun with us and showed us how to have fun just by being together.
dad, do you realize you have done everything a father could do for your children?  and do you realize as hard as things can be and at times, as much as it can seem otherwise... that we will always and eternally be grateful for being placed in your arms and having you as our father?
there are very few fathers out there that can say they did and continue to do all of these things and i am so proud to have a father that is one of those few. :)
i love you.


  1. Well that was very nice of you to say Ashley. The part I wanted you to understand is that YOU are a royal daughter. I love you dearly.



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