Sunday, November 27, 2011

my milkshake

today i downloaded exactly 9 hours of holiday tunes.  can you believe it?  that's so unlike me, i know... it turned into one of those obsessive sort of things... once i started i couldn't stop and it was crazy but thank the good L it's done with and now we have 9 solid hours of xmas tunes.

also, today i had the greasiest hair of the year... and i wore it alll. dayyy. lonnggg.  so why don't you just keep those pretty little opinions to yourself and just let me be a grease ball, mmkay?

and did you know that my family is now about heytell? and that we heytell each other like there is no tomorrow  and if you were anything other than a munson, it's very likely you would not understand one bit of what we are saying to each other?  we are that inside of our inside jokes, that's how cool we are.

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