Friday, October 7, 2011

tuna fish

 it was my birthday

 so i went to idaho

 and i brought my bess fran
 and we wore bess fran shirts
 and we ate cakes
 and watched football games
 and went to corn mazes
 and ate sweet corn puffs
 and taught munson jrs how to climb trees
 and watched munson jrs steal our hearts as they always do
 and taught munson srs how to get saucy
 and were amazed at how grown up munson srs are
 and hung out with baby tuna
 and loved on real baby b
 and we taught kerith what it's like to be a munson
 and don't you worry, we didn't leave a thing out
 and we introduced her to winco candy
 and used that winco candy for a variety of things
and we breathed in and remembered that smell
and we remembered why we love idaho and why it will always be home
 and we felt the indian summer on our skin
 and we loved it all
 and then it was over

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