Monday, October 31, 2011

better believe it

you know what i hate more than anything?  when it snows before halloween and the beginning of real, actual winter.  i know, i'm a kill joy... but let me tell you what the first days of winter are like for me...
it starts with putting on a brand spanking new pair of totally amazing pants and the button pops off in the very first seconds of wearing those g*dang things.
then you go to start your car and your car decides it's not going to start because it hates the first day of winter just as much as you do.
then you find a nice male suitor to help you jump your winter revolting car and that suitors hood knob decides to break.
so then, you find another nice male suitor to jump your car and this time it works.
after that, you lock your keys in your car... at this point you are way late for work.
in the end because of all this first day of winter nonsense you forget to brush your g*dang teeth.
that is why i hate the first days of winter. and that is also why i now declare the first winter days as "feel bad for ashley days."  just go with it ok, it might make me feel better.

oh yes, and happy halloween to yooooooooouuuuuu. 

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