Tuesday, December 21, 2010

*dang you, stupid wolves.

i just have to love on a few more things, alright?  let me be me, sheesh.
how can you not love how my sweet lovers digs into his tasty indian foods when his stomach is about to eat itself?
and who the heck really makes these kinds of adorable gift tags every year?  these guys-- of course-- should have known, i know.  {and yep, i will hold on to every single one, until the very end of time.}

last but not least, not only do i have the best of friends, but they know how to read minds too.  telepathic! can you believe it?  i sure can't, but hey, i won't complain.  look how excited i am.

*that's just one of the few phrases i hear frequently, while sitting next to my sweets when he's playing red dead redemption.  and i looove that too.

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