Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 thanks of christmas {#10}

fudge sticks.  i forgot to post my countdown yesterday.  how could i?  10 is the most perfect number and should never be forgotten.  sheesh.  well it's a late one, but we're still going forward...

#10 is every single one of those sillyheads--particularly the ones that live in the munson home of meridian. {+3 who do not currently reside in that home, but originate from it. }  that is what i'm thankful for and will be eternally thankful for.  i know it is fairly easy to tell but-- i looove my family.  a lot.  always have, always will.  i feel so lucky to have the closeness i do with them and plan to keep it that way forever--whether they like it or not.  family i loves yous.  and i'm soo excited to spend the holidays together.  smooches to you all.  {especially kaylolaylo. :-} 
 p.s. happy happy birthday monkey boy, happy days will come to you all year!  if i had one wish then it would be--a happy happy birthday to monkey from me!!  happy birthday to my monkey boy-- i hope you like your present and have the best day yet.  love you and will see you in only 9 days!! waaaaahoooooooooo!!!

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