Thursday, October 21, 2010

pity party

i was a big bum all day yesterday because my mouth hurts. really bad. poor me and poor chris for having to deal with poor me. :-)  i didn't get to enjoy much of the day, but i did get to see the beautiful sun set and watch pretty in pink.  better than nothing, right??  right!

i'm going to the dentist tomorrow morning...wish me luck.

{p.s. did anyone else get a little choked up when andie comes to prom all by herself and good ol' duckie is there waiting to save the day?  and right after he gets his sweet little heart totally stomped on! {as we all know -- you can't be with girls if you're always in the "friend zone."}  ok, maybe i'm just a big boob, but i feel for him, i really do.}

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