Tuesday, October 12, 2010

log lady

{i'm going to apologize ahead of time for the amount of pictures i am about to post... i just can never pic my favorites, so i have to post them all.  i...am...sorry}

so first, i dropped off my boy, so he could hang out with his boy.
then i was offfffff to adventure some more in homer, all alone....  what a scary thought.  who would want to let me do that??  well anyways, somehow homer survived.  on my way there i saw some very peculiar things... all of which i didn't stop to take a picture of.  stupid me.  here are three....  a big house painted yellow and black with a bus in front of that house painted yellow and black just like a bee with wings and EVERYTHING.   second, a tire swing...just right off the road, on a big grassed area and no house next to it.  i wanted to swing on it oh so bad, but didn't have the guts to do it alone, don't ask me why.   last was another bus, this time it was bright purple & off the road, down by the river... and i reaaally wanted to stop and take a picture of this one, but i was afraid of what i'd find in the bus, so i didn't.  instead i stopped and took pictures of these things:

 i ended my lonely trip to homer at my most favorite place of all. {two sisters bakery}  of course they were sold out of chocolate bread...third time in a row now.  but that's ok, because remember, no sugar for me for 18 more days, and no i'm not counting down.

{*side story* on the way back i saw this gate that i wanted to stand on.  apparently i was too excited about standing on this dang thing.  i excited myself to the point of giddiness and i couldn't balance myself.  so this is as good as it got and as good as it gets, ok??}

i finally picked up my boy, and he didn't have as much luck as he had hoped...but i quickly reminded him it was because his good luck charm was too many miles away.  {goodluckcharm = this lady right here}  but the thing is that i can't handle two of those cold days in a row, one is good enough for me.   he agreed, two days back to back on the river with me is not as fun as we would all hope it would be.  so on we went to get him a nice warm treat at DQ... the only place in alaska that you really should get a blizzard. 
 then we went to the cabinhome and watched another show about the gospel of judas.  it really was a good show, but the whole time i was thinking about how nice and frozen my feet were going to be in about 10 hours and i was having a hard time with that.

10 hours later our fishing adventure began.  and it turned out to be the best steelheading trip yet!  it was beautiful, perfect temperature and the good luck charm was in prime form.   

 look out margaret, there's a new log lady in town.  {if you know this reference, then we are the best of friends.}


so not only did my sweets catch 1 gigantic steelheady, but he landed THREE gigantic steelheadies... {and had 6 on total}.  if you know anything about steelheady adventures, then you will know that that was an unbeatable day.  i don't think i've ever seen such a big smile on my sweets... and i'm pretty sure he very well may leave me for one of those... most likely the one that he is kissing.


this trip deserved a celebratory mt. dew for sure!

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