Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's spring cleaning time and boy do I need to let go of some things!   I've decided to try something new and am going to have a blog "closet sale."   Here's how it will work:  I'm going to post photos of the items with price and details below.  You can comment under this post, text me {if you have my number}or email me {ashleyamunson@gmail.com} and let me know which items you are interested in!   I will only post a small number of items {shoes & apparel} at a time and will add more as the items sell.   {Also, for those unfortunate souls who do not wear the same shoe size as me ;-)... do not fret, I will also be posting some items for Brett!}

Happy spring to you!

::Anthro Tank::  Size S $10

::Frye Shoes:: Size 6.5 $40

::Fluxus Vest:: Size S $20

::Anthro Tank:: Size S $15

::Plastic Island Dress::  Size S $45

:: Forever 21 Tank:: Size S $5

::Prairie Underground Top:: Size S/M $40

::Anthro Tank:: Size S {has a small hole} $5

::Mink Pink Tunic/Dress:: Size S $25

::Frye Flats::  Size 7 $25 

::Jeffrey Campbell Wedges::  Size 7 $48
I will post more items soon... keep checking back! {To access the blog sale, click the "sale" tab underneath the blog banner.} xx

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  1. Ash, I sent you a FB message:) You know how I love me some Ashley hand-me downs!:) xoxo Julianne


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