Saturday, June 4, 2011

a certain kind of death

is it strange to say that right now, i honestly think i would feel better dead?  don't worry friends, this isn't a call for help.  i'm not going to do anything stupid.  it's just how i feel.  and right now i feel like being honest.

i guess it really is true... sometimes love just isn't enough. 

1 comment:

  1. Ashley, it is a certain kind of death. I believe that. You will feel that spark of life coming back and embrace it. It will probably be in little spurts.I feel your pain as a mother, and I soo wish I could take it all away, but the person you will emerge as will be even more amazing and wonderful. I went to my closet the other day and put my head in the floor and just screamed, trying to let out my own pain, and it felt better for the moment and the tears continue to come, but then I went and spent time with friends and we laughed and I felt lighter and a little more confident. It isn't the same kind of pain, but still to me it makes me have those same feelings your feeling. I love you ! You can always come home.


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