Wednesday, November 10, 2010

endless stories

remember that time when a friend of mine told me that he had an itchy belly button and i told him to put some lotion in it... and then a couple of days later he said it was still itching and he lifted his shirt up to show me and it was red and gross and he did it when i was helping a customer and the customer told him that it was a yeast infection in his belly button {which is technically called candidiasis} because she happened to be a nurse practitioner and owns a family practice?  that was a very strange time.  and who knew you could get that kind of fungi in the button of your belly?


  1. That same friend of yours showed me his belly button too and I recalled a time when our hairdresser (we share hairdessers) showed me her belly button because she got too many hair bits stuck in it and it was all infected. I didn't suggest anything for his belly button problem, but he seemed to think it was jock itch...

  2. Hmmmm I wonder if it was Toddy?


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