Sunday, November 14, 2010


a few of the many reasons why my seesters and broders ARE the best.

1. they will have a "jump-off" with me via the interwebs:

2. they will skype me just to watch youtube videos together...
3. while watching youtube videos together, they will send me a link to their favorite song and put on an interpretive dance.
{side note* the youngest ones recently figured out how to call me... when i asked how, these were the instructions they gave me:  first you press the "dir" button,  then click the "down" button until you see "smashface," and then you press the "green phone" button...and it rings!}
4. since they have figured this out, i now have one bagillion voice messages on my phone... all in regards to their christmas wish-lists... they want to leave me with options, of course. :) 
5. every single one of the one bagillion voice messages ends with this:  *kisses *kisses *air hugs* *air hugs* and a big i love you.

pretty good reasons, wouldn't you say?

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