Wednesday, February 16, 2011

suns and parks and fires and stars

{early v-day kisses from my hanyak before i head away for fam/fun/work}

{an empty row on a red eye flight is warmly welcomed}

it's never too late to celebrate a birthday!   and does it matter if your candles are long matches??  i. don't. think. so.
three hours in a row on the trampoline is the one and only way-- especially when it includes almost every munson, including a certain mama munson, and games such as "tackle mama munson" or last one standing wins.  this game generally ends with bumps and bruises, but all in good fun. 
swings and parks and sunshine and fun is how we do things, when i'm in town.

fires in the backyard paired with smores and stars so bright it doesn't even feel dark out makes for a perfect winter night. 
sweet bro bro sleeps in the best of ways.
 i never tend to feel that the time spent with my family is ever long enough.  i just loooove them lots and lots and feel like a very lucky lady to have them in my life.

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